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SalesNative is a sales training and coaching company serving first-time tech founders.

From your first sale to your best sale, our mission is to enable you to create and capture value.


Our Purpose

The world is full of intelligent, hard working first-time tech founders, whose vision and products have the potential to transform lives, industries and countries.

But unfortunately many of these founders will never reach their potential as they don’t have the right sales mindset, know-how and connections.

Some tech founders have business co-founders, some live in major tech cities like Silicon Valley where the ecosystem will carry them and some will get into reputable accelerator programs where the mentors and connections will guide them through.

But what about the rest?

This is the gap we are addressing at SalesNative.

Our calling is to provide sales inspiration, training and coaching to first-time tech founders wherever they may be in the world, enabling them to reach their potential, make an impact and leave their legacy.


Our Beliefs

With the battle scars from previously founding multiple tech companies and with the insights from working with hundreds of other founders, SalesNative was founded on a handful of core beliefs: 

  1. Even if tech founders don’t consider themselves natural salespeople, they still need to sell in order to succeed;
  2. Sales is not a dirty word, it’s a value exchange, meaning we must create and capture value;
  3. Enabling tech founders to sell is more valuable than ‘doing sales for them’;
  4. Sales mindset, principles and frameworks are more important than short term tactics and temporary growth hacks; and
  5. There are no silver bullets, sales success comes from taking action, learning deeply and adapting quickly.  


For Your Journey 

We wish you success and remember...... You're Just One Sale Away!



About Sidney Minassian, Founder of SalesNative

Sidney Minassian is the Founder of SalesNative, a sales training & coaching company serving first-time tech founders. He is also currently the Founder & CEO of Contexti, a specialist Big Data Analytics company.

Passionate about people, innovation and entrepreneurship, Sidney has over 20 years of international business building experience, having founded multiple companies in Australia and the USA, raised private and venture capital, launched new products and sold to consumer and enterprise customers.

Armed with the battle scars from his own ventures and with the insights from working with hundreds of other founders, Sidney has gained hard-earned lessons and formulated strong views on founding, failing and flourishing in business.

The journey continues….



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