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590 Sales Model

The 590 Sales ModelTM, is a sales framework designed with first-time tech founders in mind.

It was created with the battle scars from having previously founded multiple tech companies and with the insights from working with hundreds of other tech founders on their sales and go-to-market strategies.


Framing focus on your next 5 deals and your next 90 days

The 590 Sales Model gets sales results by framing focus on your next 5 deals and your next 90 days.


The four pillars - Strategy, Goals, Tactics & Retro

The 590 Sales Model has four key pillars: Strategy, Goals, Tactics and Retro.


590 Sales Pack - Models, Templates, Examples, Worksheets 

The 590 Sales Pack (Google Sheet) includes models, templates, worksheets and examples, giving you the fastest path to selling effectively.

Participants of the 590 Sales Bootcamp For Tech Founders get access to the 590 Sales Pack.



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