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How This Tech Founder Focussed On Collaboration And Impact To Land Her Best Sale With An Allied Health Network

Silvia Pfeiffer - Coviu

Silvia Pfeiffer is the Founder & CEO of Coviu.
Coviu makes video consultations easy.

Full Podcast Transcript

Sidney: Welcome to the "SalesNative" Podcast, where tech founders share their most valuable sales lessons. I'm Sidney from Sydney, founder of SalesNative. And today's guest is Silvia Pfeiffer, founder, and CEO of Coviu based in Sidney, Australia. Silvia, welcome to the show.

Silvia: Hi, how are you?

Sidney: Very well, thanks. So, Coviu makes video consultations easy. Silvia, I would love to learn about the business. But first, I want to know, why did you start this company?

Silvia: Sidney, my background has been in technology for as long as I can think. And I was actually after my first startup which I did right after leaving the CSIRO, and which didn't go so well. I actually had to find some work. And I worked at Mozilla and Google then and became interested in web standards. So the HTML5 standards, that was sort of my big thing. Working at...

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