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How Leadership & Culture Contributes To The Sustainable Success Of Start-ups & Scale-ups

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Joanna Wyganowska - Be Human

Joanna Wyganowska is the Founder of Be Human

Be Human helps leaders and organisations evolve and grow through human-centred approaches and strategies.

Full Podcast Transcript

Sidney: Welcome to the "SalesNative" Podcast where tech founders share the most valuable sales listings. I'm Sidney from Sydney, founder of SalesNative. And today's guest is Joanna Wyganowska, founder of BeHuman. Joanna, welcome to the show. 

Joanna: Hi, Sidney. Thanks very much for having me. 

Sidney: It's great to have you here. So BeHuman helps leaders and companies evolve and grow through human-centered approaches and strategies. And you've recently conducted research into how leadership and organizational culture can contribute to sustainable success of startups and scaleups. We gonna discuss your findings, but first, I wanna know what inspired you to dedicate yourself...

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