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Vikas Jha - Alore CRM

Vikas Jha is the Founder & CEO of Alore CRM
Alore CRM is a productivity focused CRM platform

Full Podcast Transcript


Sidney: Welcome to the SalesNative podcast, where tech founders share their most valuable sales lessons. I am Sidney from Sydney, founder of SalesNative, and today's guest is Vikas Jha, founder, and CEO of Alore CRM, based in Singapore with development center in Bangalore. Vikas, welcome to the show.

Vikas: Thanks, Sidney. Great pleasure to be here. Thank you so much.

Sidney: So, Alore is focused on productivity and today we're gonna talk about your CRM platform. But first, I want to know, why did you start this company?

Vikas: Sure, Sidney. Before I start with that, I'll quickly want to give a quick background about me. I used to work in oil and gas industry. Then I started my first company, made an exit out of it, went for my MBA to Europe and then was, working for the VC fund in Amsterdam for five years.

After that, I came back...

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