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How This Tech Founder Validated His Big Idea With A Quick Hack On WhatsApp And Why He Prefers To Partner With Demanding Clients

Nigel Hembrow - Astronaut

Nigel Hembrow is the CoFounder & CEO of Astronaut.

Astronaut is a fast, effective Q&A screening tool your candidates will love.

Full Podcast Transcript

Sidney: Welcome to the SalesNative podcast, where tech founders share their most valuable sales lessons. I'm Sidney, from Sydney, founder of SalesNative. And today's guest is Nigel Hembrow, founder, and CEO of Astronaut based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Nigel, welcome to the show.

Nigel: Thanks, Sid, it's great to be with you.

Sidney: It's good to have you here. So Astronaut is a fast effective Q&A screening tool, which your candidates will love. Well, I'd love to learn about this business, but first I want to know, why did you start the company?

Nigel: Yeah, that's a very good question because it's a big decision to start a company. We've dedicated a lot of time, it does change one's life. So I've been lucky. Actually, I turned 40 yesterday to have..

Sidney: Happy birthday.

Nigel: Thank you very...

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