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How This Tech Founder Built A Global Customer Base By Doubling Down After A Difficult Period, Deepening His Niche And Narrowing His Target

Rafayel Ghasabyan - RAFA Solutions

Rafayel Ghasabyan is the  Founder and CEO of RAFA Solutions

RAFA Solutions specialises in intelligent solutions for machinery control and automation

Full Podcast Transcript

Sidney: Welcome to the SalesNative podcast, where tech founders share their most valuable sales lessons. I'm Sidney from Sydney, founder of SalesNative, and today's guest Rafayel Ghasabyan, founder and CEO of RAFA Solutions based in Europe and Armenia and with customers globally in every continent except for Africa and Antarctica. Rafayel, welcome to the show.

Rafayel: Thank you very much for inviting me, Sidney. It's my pleasure to participate on the podcast and share whatever experience I had and hopefully that will be helpful for all the guests and whoever listens to the podcast.

Sidney: I'm sure it will be. So RAFA Solutions specialises in intelligent solutions for machinery control and automation. Rafayel, I'd love to learn about this business but first I want...

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