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Alicia Asin - Libelium

Alicia Asin is the Co-Founder & CEO of Libelium.

Libelium is an IoT, Smart Cities & M2M Platform provider.

Full Podcast Transcript

Sidney: Welcome to the "Sales Native Podcast," where tech founders share their most valuable sales lessons. I'm Sidney from Sydney, Founder of Sales Native, and today's guest is Alicia Asin, Co-founder, and CEO of Libelium in Zaragoza, Spain. Alicia, welcome to the show.

Alicia: Thank you. Thank you. I'm pleased to be here.

Sidney: It's great to have you here. So Libelium is an IoT, Smart Cities, and M2M platform provider. I'd love to learn about the business, but first, I want to know, why did you start this company?

Alicia: Well, we start the company very, very young, right after the university, and I was 24 and I haven't even presented my master's thesis project for computing engineer. So my co-founder, have been researching on mesh protocols and was thinking of the idea of having sensors to the idea of mesh...

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