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10 Sales Essentials For First-Time Tech Founders

With the battle scars from previously founding multiple tech companies and with the insights from working with hundreds of other tech founders on their sales and go-to-market strategies, this short talk covers the 10 Sales Essentials For First-Time Tech Founders.


As tech founders, we are all so focused on our products,

Tech founders must sell to succeed

But here’s the deal, to succeed we also need to sell.

Sales is not what you think it is

Sales is not a dirty word, we don’t need to have shiny teeth, wear suits, be extroverts, do mindless social posts or be pushy, 'always-be-closing' douchebags.

Sales is a value exchange, meaning we need to create and capture value

And even if we don’t consider ourselves natural salespeople, it still doesn't get around the fact that as tech founders we need to sell at every stage of our entrepreneurial journey.

Think about it, validating our ideas, hiring our teams, getting beta users, launching products, closing funding, securing partnerships, getting our first sale to getting our best sale, all require us to sell.

While the world is full of smart tech founders

And while the world is full of intelligent, hard working first-time tech founders, whose vision and products have the potential to transform lives, industries and countries,

Most will never reach their potential

many of these founders will never reach their potential as they don’t have the right sales mindset, know-how and connections.

So we’re on a mission to change this with SalesNative.

Our calling and contribution is to provide sales inspiration, training and coaching to first-time tech founders wherever they may be in the world, enabling them to reach their potential, to make their impact and leave their legacy.

We believe:

  1. Enabling tech founders to sell is better than ‘doing sales for them’
  2. Focussing on sales mindset, principles and frameworks is better than short term tactics and temporary growth hacks; and
  3. There are no silver bullets, sales success comes from taking action, learning deeply and adapting quickly.

If this makes sense to you, then I invite you to check out my free talk, where I share the 10 Sales Essentials For First-Time Tech Founders.

From one founder to another, I wish you success and remember ....

You're Just One Sale Away.

10 Sales Essentials For First-Time Tech Founders



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